Cum and See

10 November, 2013

So, here we are…..only a few weeks from Sexpo, the most anticipated Convention of the year. Here there are exciting new toys, outfits and if we are lucky new products that will make having sex even more fun.

I wonder what the Marquis De Sard show will be like this year. The best one was the Rocky Horror show a couple of years ago. Lady Love and myself are eagerly waiting to attend this year……..we are gearing up to make a proper launch into cyberspace with our website.

You know what!!! It shits me to tears when people pretend they don’t root!!!! Lets be honest here……WE ALL HAVE SEX!!!!!!!

Welcum to our blog.  We hope to share our experiences and thoughts with you.

Hopefully you might enlighten us with your thoughts and experiences.

With a little fantasy mixed in just for fun.

Hmmmm sounds like fun!